Inbound Marketing Campaign Management to grow your business

Inbound Marketing Campaign Management

Struggling to find the time necessary to excel in Inbound Marketing? We use the HubSpot platform to deliver effective campaigns that hit their target and will grow your business.

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Effective Inbound Campaign Management

We manage your inbound marketing campaigns from top to bottom using the HubSpot platform and it’s platform of tools and features.

We finely tune all your inbound activities, from lead management to content and SEO. Working with Exubra, you will be primed to exploit every HubSpot tool which can aid your marketing, giving you an edge over competitors in your sector.

The continual monitoring we conduct allows us to optimise your campaigns, impacting on results. We don’t believe there is a ‘quick fix’ to find the perfect inbound marketing campaign, but by testing out various strategies we can arrive at what really works for you.

How Exubra Makes Your Inbound Marketing Run Like Clockwork

Search Engine Optimisation

While some marketing activities allow you to ‘set it and forget it’, SEO is not one of them. Content must seek to result in quality inbound links from respected websites, tactics must constantly be changed in order to align with Google algorithm changes, and analytics must be monitored to allow improvements to be made. Working with the HubSpot platform, we ensure you have an SEO strategy, which is implemented and kept incisive, managing it every step of the way.


Blogs can be great traffic boosters for websites, and they live and die by their content. Our experienced team or writers and content creators will create compelling blog articles that offer real value to the reader; entertaining, informing, education and engaging. Don’t put your blogging in the hands of inexperienced individuals, who have neither the time or the writing skills to get it right. Exubra can make your blog a real asset as part of a Hubspot management solution.

Content Marketing

Do you have the ability to produce premium content that is critical to achieving marketing objectives? Our content production isn’t restricted to blogs – we can come up with eBooks, case studies and guides, which can represent real milestones in your company’s marketing output, promoting them intelligently across various channels. We believe in highly targeted content that is tailored to certain audience segments and sets out to drive conversions.

Email Campaigns

HubSpot is recognised as a ‘go to’ platform for email marketing, and we are experts in using the tool to its full potential. Whether you require content creation or design for your email templates, our team manages your HubSpot email marketing campaigns from the planning stage to timed delivery of newsletters and marketing shots.

Social Media

Social media marketing via HubSpot enables you to connect with your customers on a daily basis. We create and schedule your social media updates, and our social monitoring capabilities puts you on the road to generating leads through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

User Interface Conversion Optimisation and A/B Testing

Your website is a vitally important step on the customer journey, so it is critical that every landing page is optimised for conversions. We design your content to be conducive to conversions, using A/B testing on page variations to assess the best design strategy, while placing calls to action in all the right places.

Integrated Analytics and Reporting

Your inbound marketing package from Exubra will use all the data you collate to your advantage. These is no need to devote hours to trawling through all your stats, or employ a data analyst for the purpose. Using the HubSpot platform, we analyse every piece of data, which your inbound marketing campaigns produce holistically, to ensure that your results are creating insights for you, providing you with clear, digestible reporting.

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