4,600% ROI for Park Home and Property Developer

4,600% ROI for Park Home and Property Developer with Exubra's Inbound Marketing expertise

Park Home and Property Developer


South East-based Leisure Parks Luxury Living (LP) is a UK based park home and property developer. Their partnership with Exubra began at a critical point in their marketing timeline. The organisation was aiming to adapt their methods to the digital era, taking a share of the potential customer base online which reflects their status as a market leader.

They required holistic, inbound marketing support from Exubra – the leading inbound marketing and branding agency for construction and property development – covering areas from inbound marketing to automation integration, branding, website design and build, Facebook advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO).


Despite being a leader in their field, LP were not satisfied with the number of quality leads they were generating online. Prior to working with Exubra, most leads were obtained through offline channels.

This issue posed Exubra a challenge in a number of key areas. Website traffic was low and needed to be increased. The quality of the leads generated through the website needed to be high. Brand awareness among LP’s target audience needed to be strengthened and a social media presence had to be created and developed. Exubra were also tasked with engendering a shift in the direction of marketing to better encompass their target audiences.


Exubra started out by creating a digital marketing strategy which was based on LP’s biggest value propositions; its Home Exchange Scheme, the ‘buyability’ of its homes, the quality of its Country Parks, and the serenity of the locations in which they lie.

A period of thorough evaluation, including the identification and creation of LP’s ideal buyer personas, preceded the creation of a detailed inbound marketing strategy. This strategy included the creation of a blogging platform and a series of lead nurturing campaigns. Generation of new content pages provided a ‘double hit’ of both SEO value and engaging their buyer personas, including educational guides and country park brochures.

The entire LP website was given an ‘SEO refresh’ to improve its standing in organic search results, and carefully placed call to actions around the site smoothed the customer journey while enhancing the ‘sales funnel’.

Targeted distribution that is scheduled regularly strengthens the brand and increases awareness using timed emails and social postings to leads to increase conversions.

A Facebook specific marketing campaign optimised all LP’s pages on the network, and ensured a healthy flow of regular content, alongside targeted paid campaigns to promote blog resources, ebooks and guides and furnish the top of the funnel.

Every campaign Exubra undertakes on behalf of LP is monitored, evaluated and updated constantly in order to continually improve and sustain the quality of leads.


Within the first three months of the partnership, Exubra grew the web traffic on the LP website, and more importantly, converted leads to customers with sales generated reaching £500,000. Over a three year period an 4,600% return on investment has been generated by Exubra.

Due to the quality and context of the content generated, to improve conversions, the lead quality was significantly increased which led to more conversions to sales resulting in revenue generation upwards of £8m.

Among Exubra’s achievements over the long term are:

  • 4,600% ROI
  • 890% increase in the number of marketing qualified leads
  • 630% increase in the number of sales qualified leads
  • 620% increase in web traffic
  • 480% increase in organic traffic


ROI for construction and property developer with inbound marketing services

“Exubra is, without doubt, an expert in digital marketing and inbound marketing! They have delivered amazing returns on investment over and above our wildest expectations. Their grasp of our goals and objectives and their commitment to our business is exceptional. Probably the best results-oriented business engagement experience in years.”