New brand identity and marketing collateral for Essex Company

New brand identity and marketing collateral for Mindpoint, Essex SharePoint Specialists


MindPoint offer their clients a comprehensive suite of SharePoint consulting services. Located in Essex, MindPoint strives to help clients across the UK to effectively use SharePoint to streamline business operations and ultimately boost profitability.

The client’s problem:

We identified an urgent need for streamlined and effective branding and marketing collateral. The branding and marketing strategy refresh was considered the gateway to new business for the company; as well as a stronger positioning within competitive marketplace MindPoint serves.

Our solution:

Having taken the time to carefully consider and articulate the core values of MindPoint’s business, our team set to work. We designed and implemented a new brand identity and marketing tools to MindPoint. These included a future proof mobile friendly and responsive website, a corporate brochure, bespoke stationery and copywriting that communicated the very powerful benefits of their business in a simple and succinct manner.


Within a few months of launching their new brand image, MindPoint won in excess of £500,000 of, previously inaccessible, new business. MindPoint are now firmly in a position of being able to convey the true value of their business proposition and are competing with significantly larger companies. As MindPoint continue to win their target contracts, Ballyhoo Creative continue to guard their brand and service their marketing needs.