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South East-based park home and property developer. Their partnership with Exubra began at a critical point in their marketing timeline. The organisation was aiming to adapt their methods to the digital era, taking a share of the potential customer base online which reflected their status as a market leader.

They required holistic, inbound marketing support from Exubra covering areas from inbound marketing to automation, branding, website design and build, Facebook advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO).


This Park Home Operator was not satisfied with the volume of quality leads they were generating through their website. Prior to working with Exubra, most leads were obtained through outbound channels.

This issue posed Exubra a challenge in a number of key areas. Website traffic was low and needed to be increased. The quality of the leads generated through the website needed to be high and qualified. Brand awareness among the Park’s target audience needed to be strengthened and a social media presence had to be created and developed. Exubra were also tasked with engendering a shift in the direction of marketing to better encompass their target audiences.


Exubra started out by creating a digital marketing plan and strategy which was based on their biggest value propositions; its Home Exchange Scheme, the ‘buyability’ of its homes, the quality of its Country Parks, and the serenity of the locations in which they lie.

A period of thorough evaluation, including the identification and creation of their Parks ideal buyer personas, preceded the creation of a detailed inbound marketing strategy. This strategy included the creation of a blogging platform and a series of lead nurturing and conversion campaigns. The generation of expert and professionally created content provided a ‘double hit’ of both SEO value and engaging their buyer personas, including educational guides and country park brochures.

The entire website was given an ‘SEO refresh’ to improve its standing in organic search results, and carefully placed call to actions around the site smoothed the customer journey while enhancing the ‘sales funnel’.

Targeted distribution that is scheduled regularly strengthens the brand and increases awareness using timed emails and social postings to leads to increase conversions.

We carried out a Facebook specific marketing campaign optimised all their pages on the network, and ensured a healthy flow of regular content, alongside targeted paid campaigns to promote blog resources, ebooks and guides and furnish the top of the

Every campaign Exubra undertakes on behalf of the client is monitored, evaluated and updated constantly in order to continually improve and sustain the quality of leads.


Within the first three months of the partnership, Exubra inbound activities increased website traffic 200%, but more importantly increased sales qualified leads that converted to customers with sales in excess of £500,000.

Over a three year period an 4,600% return on investment has been generated year on year.

Due to the funnels created and workflows implemented along with the assurance of quality for the content generated to maximise conversions, sales qualified leads increased by 631% which led to an increase in sales generation upwards of £8m.

Among Exubra’s proud achievements are:

631% increase in sales qualified leads

Sales generated associated to Exubra’s activities delivered a ROI 4,600%

616% increase in web traffic

480% increase in organic traffic


What is Inbound Digital Marketing and why is it winning the day?

Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people IN to your business and brand. 75% of buyers are already searching for answers online, researching your industry, checking out your competitors, and trying to decide if they need your product or service.

Content marketing, email and social media marketing, as well as marketing automation, are integral parts of an inbound marketing strategy that naturally attracts inbound traffic to be converted, closed, and delighted over time.

When we think about traditional marketing methods, we typically think about outbound marketing such as running print ads or exhibiting at a tradeshow, where you are pushing your marketing message OUT to a given audience hoping for a response, a lead, and new business.

There are many advantages to inbound digital marketing. Here are just a few:

  • It is comparatively inexpensive.
  • It is effective at empowering your buyers rather than interrupting them.
  • It utilises your website content, as well as social media platforms, to help your customers find you. 


Inbound marketing COSTS 62% LESS than traditional marketing endeavours yet
generates 3x the amount of qualified leads. 

Inbound methods produce 54% MORE LEADS than traditional outbound methods.

Businesses who prioritise blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI

Companies see 6x higher conversion rates by implementing content marketing compared to those who don’t

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Why should you work with Exubra to increase your sales qualified leads?

We help companies like yours who’ve spent a lot of time and money to provide high quality leads to their sales team, but it turns out those leads are not as good as they’d hoped. Typically you’ve purchased lists or gone to exhibitions and events to reach your goals, but the leads just aren’t very good, and the sales team is concerned. Are you experiencing similar challenges?

With us as your marketing partner, you can reap the rewards of an innovative inbound digital strategy, in which different activities complement each other to bring more visitors to your website, nurture and build trust and convert them into more qualified park home sales leads.

How do we deliver?

Nothing we do at Exubra is done on a hunch. Our strategies are based on research which informs your campaigns, assuring that you are identifying, and hitting, the right targets. We track every touchpoint your leads have with you and provide detailed analysis and reporting, which puts you in the best position to evaluate your success.

We see ourselves as a natural extension of your team, offering a frictionless approach that strengthens and redefines your marketing and sales operations.

We give you inbound marketing expertise and a team of experts on hand 365 days of the year. We understand that your company, and the park home sales market you operate in, are constantly evolving. That’s why we fine-tune our inbound marketing strategies to your immediate goals, as well as your long-term business objectives.

Food for thought…

Some takeaway pointers for businesses thinking about Inbound Digital Marketing are…. 

  • The way consumers make buying decisions has evolved win recent times.
  • When done properly, the return on investment from inbound digital marketing way outperforms outbound marketing methods.
  • It all starts with a great optimised website, relevant quality content and a strong social media presence.
  • Inbound Marketing enables you to help strangers become aware of, convert them to qualified leads where they will consider and evaluate to ultimately decide to buy your product and service, over your competitors.
  • If you haven’t the resources to do inbound digital marketing then as Inbound specialists, and as certified marketing automation platform partners, we are well positioned to help you to achieve your goals and ensure future growth for your business.


We love helping businesses like yours. No sales pitches, just sound advice.

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